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The Identity of “AngiArts is a modern-day legend that stages the fictitious life and identity transformation of a 21st century comic-book-style cartoon character for the Arts. By buying this book, you may capture a memento, a slice of historical significance about a 21st century American icon in the genre of comics. This book becomes a keepsake for culture book lovers and letterboxing enthusiasts. Write down your own soulful revelations on the Letterbook Notes pages included therein. This book also promotes a cultural awareness for sculpture art throughout the City Beautiful and around the world.

This Letterbook Story was written to be read while relaxing on a picnic blanket on the shores of the beautiful Lake Eola. It stages an interactive, literary theatre experience like no other. Follow the Monument Map at the end of the story to find the legendary landing spot of “AngiArts.” The “Fantasy Swan” Monument is Orlando’s Monument for Artistic Inspiration.

“All peoples of the 3rd millennium who gaze upon the fantastic aura of this magic swan shall ponder their own soulful revelation that will move their hearts to joy.” (Excerpt from the prophecy of the Almighty Centurion Genie.)


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781504977128
ISBN 13 (HARD):9781504977135
ISBN 13 (eBook):9781504977111