Angi Perretti—Costume Designer and Artist, displays her “Walking~Works~of~Art” upon the human figure by a signature portrait of fabrics and colors via haute couture. Available for viewing only a short time—as an eclipse of art—the viewers of Angi’s artwork should consider themselves hand-picked by the art gods with a divine invitation to ponder an artistic moment of wonder and diversion. Incidentally, if you didn’t get to see her, you’ll never know what you missed.
But if you do---like it or not—it’s art!​

The books by Angi Perretti are written in the genre of Fantasy Fiction/ Live Theatre and Performing Arts / Artistic Literature and Prose for pure literary entertainment.  Her books are a brand of cultural adventures delving deeply into the minds of her readers…beckoning a visit into their own “classroom of self-discovery.”  Once there, they might experience the opportunity to listen to their thoughts, dreams, and wishes, and to reveal to themselves whatever it is they may discover lying dormant inside their mind…as “silence is golden” to the soul that listens.


The 19 identities emanating from Angi’s “Walking~Works~of~Art” collection each possess a creative energy, a whirlwind of guise and effect, tempting and charming all beholders, while at the same time, signaling them to react in the moment.  They are collectively a brand of identities that invoke wit and humor to all her readers. Life is all about the smiles!” A.P.

The first two identities to have a book titled after them are “AngiArts” and “MR CANNABISrc.”  Together, they seize a timely appearance in Orlando’s cultural history.  As our world changes all around us, these two characters are diving into the cultural, history-in-the-making endeavor that is truly alive in The City Beautiful. 

“Our culture evolves by the stories we tell. If we don’t write them down, what cultural impact will we leave behind?” A.P.