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Angi Perretti—Costume Designer and Artist, displays her “Walking~Works~of~Art” upon the human figure by a signature portrait of fabrics and colors via haute couture. Available for viewing only a short time—as an eclipse of art—the viewers of Angi’s artwork should consider themselves hand-picked by the art gods with a divine invitation to ponder an artistic moment of wonder and diversion. Incidentally, if you didn’t get to see her, you’ll never know what you missed.
But if you do---like it or not—it’s art!​

J. Douglas Barker, AuthorTalk Radio

December 25, 2016

In keeping cadence with the ideals of the “AngiArts” character and to effect the cultural ambience of downtown Orlando, The Identity of “AngiArts” becomes an interactive, literary theatre experience when read on a picnic blanket on the shores of the iconic Lake Eola, situated right in the heart of downtown Orlando.  So, grab your picnic blankets on a sunny day and pack a lunch.  You can rent the book at the Orange County Library just blocks away and embark on a tour to your "classroom of self-discovery."   The Fantasy Swan Monument for Artistic Inspiration awaits each soul searcher.  And Queenie, The Magic Fantasy Swan, is floating there with elegance and grace to greet you as you walk around Lake Eola!

                      For more exciting info, please listen to Angi's Radio Interview dated Dec. 25th, 2016.