2005 Collection -- "The Wings of Identity"

“Arch Angel of the New Year” — January, 2005

“Golden Peacock Illusion” — March, 2005

“Flamingo Whimsy” — May, 2005

“Bluebird Cinderella” — July, 2005

“Lady Lovebird” — September, 2005

“Mermaid Angelina” — November, 2005

2006 Collection -- "On the Wild Side of Identity"

“AngiCat” — January, 2006

“Colleen, The Networking Queen” --- February, 2006

“Cheetah Chic” — March, 2006

“AngiArts” --- May, 2006

"AngiArts" -- July, 2006

2008 - 2013 Collection --"Golden Needle Identities"

“Sweet Skorts” — September, 2008

“Fantasy Swan” — October, 2008

“Orange ‘n White Santa” --- December, 2009

“Miss Abbey” — September, 2011

“Bat Masterson” -- September, 2011

“Blue ‘n White Magic Santa” — December, 2011

“Swan Explorer” — March, 2012

“Fat Guy” Magic Fan --- November, 2013

2016 Collection -- "Green Age of E-Commerce Identities"

“MR CANNABISrc” —November, 2016

The Chronicles of Angi Perretti describes the motivating factors and the complete story of how Angi’s philanthropic endeavors--"Walking~Works~of~Art"--came to be.  These chronicles are a product of the mighty powers of the human thought!   It is a celebrating documentation of the author's recovery from grief and sadness at the loss of her loving husband in 2003 after 25 years of a happy marriage.  The book displays all current 19 identity trademark designs, her registered copyrights, and the many literary and cultural adventures she has experienced over the years.



Angi Perretti—Costume Designer and Artist, displays her “Walking~Works~of~Art” upon the human figure by a signature portrait of fabrics and colors via haute couture. Available for viewing only a short time—as an eclipse of art—the viewers of Angi’s artwork should consider themselves hand-picked by the art gods with a divine invitation to ponder an artistic moment of wonder and diversion. Incidentally, if you didn’t get to see her, you’ll never know what you missed.
But if you do---like it or not—it’s art!​