Angi Perretti—Costume Designer and Artist, displays her “Walking~Works~of~Art” upon the human figure by a signature portrait of fabrics and colors via haute couture. Available for viewing only a short time—as an eclipse of art—the viewers of Angi’s artwork should consider themselves hand-picked by the art gods with a divine invitation to ponder an artistic moment of wonder and diversion. Incidentally, if you didn’t get to see her, you’ll never know what you missed.
But if you do---like it or not—it’s art!​

The Chronicles of Angi Perretti describes the motivating factors and the complete story of how Angi’s philanthropic endeavors--"Walking~Works~of~Art"--came to be.  These chronicles are a product of the mighty powers of the human thought!   It is a celebrating documentation of the author's recovery from grief and sadness at the loss of her loving husband in 2003 after 25 years of a happy marriage.  The book displays all current 19 identity trademark designs, her registered copyrights, and the many literary and cultural adventures she has experienced over the years.



2005 Collection -- "The Wings of Identity"

“Arch Angel of the New Year” — January, 2005

“Golden Peacock Illusion” — March, 2005

“Flamingo Whimsy” — May, 2005

“Bluebird Cinderella” — July, 2005

“Lady Lovebird” — September, 2005

“Mermaid Angelina” — November, 2005

2006 Collection -- "On the Wild Side of Identity"

“AngiCat” — January, 2006

“Colleen, The Networking Queen” --- February, 2006

“Cheetah Chic” — March, 2006

“AngiArts” --- May, 2006

"AngiArts" -- July, 2006

2008 - 2013 Collection --"Golden Needle Identities"

“Sweet Skorts” — September, 2008

“Fantasy Swan” — October, 2008

“Orange ‘n White Santa” --- December, 2009

“Miss Abbey” — September, 2011

“Bat Masterson” -- September, 2011

“Blue ‘n White Magic Santa” — December, 2011

“Swan Explorer” — March, 2012

“Fat Guy” Magic Fan --- November, 2013

2016 Collection -- "Green Age of E-Commerce Identities"

“MR CANNABISrc” —November, 2016