FYI…On a humorous side and to bolster the entertainment value of these books, “AngiArts” is a caricature of the author, and “MR CANNABISrc” is a caricature of her late husband, Nick Perretti. 1949 -2003.

Angi Perretti was born on December 23, 1951, to nurturing parents and lived an idyllic childhood on a remote ten-acre farm in rural Miami, Florida. It was here at the age of thirteen that she first became inspired to become a costume designer. By then, it was the mid '60's and a constant fantasy of hers was to create costumes for Elvis and Cher. One day, Angi's mother showed her how to sew a pair of shorts. From that day forward, her natural talent flourished. Angi always cherished her dreams to someday build her own workshop and fill her studio with fabrics from all over the world. Her life destiny was altered on December 9, 1977, when she met Nick Perretti…who eventually made all this possible.

Today, as a costume designer and master seamstress, Angi defines her artistic inspirations with a human identity, then portrays each unique character and personality within the silhouettes and fabrics of her designs. The "Walking~Works~of~Art" collection of trademark designs represent her elegant perspectives and tasteful expressions of the visual arts.

As an author, Angi Perretti is on a mission to inspire the cultural history of the City Beautiful and to become an instrumental participant by joining others in promoting Orlando to a world-class arts community. Angi makes an individual contribution to the community she endears by creating a laughter-inspiring, skyscape-hopping, cartoon character for the arts--"AngiArts"-- and a cannabis prophet--"MR CANNABISrc"--sent by God to Mankind to show and teach the truths about the cannabis plant and to reveal the life-changing powers of the human thought.


Angi Perretti—Costume Designer and Artist, displays her “Walking~Works~of~Art” upon the human figure by a signature portrait of fabrics and colors via haute couture. Available for viewing only a short time—as an eclipse of art—the viewers of Angi’s artwork should consider themselves hand-picked by the art gods with a divine invitation to ponder an artistic moment of wonder and diversion. Incidentally, if you didn’t get to see her, you’ll never know what you missed.
But if you do---like it or not—it’s art!​

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“AngiArts” is the 10th identity of the “WWA” Collections, and

"MR CANNABISrc" is the 19th Identity.  Together, they may “romp around” in surprising places while they rally and promote the arts and culture movement in Downtown Orlando.  If you get to see them, maybe you will encounter a divine invitation to ponder an artistic moment of wonder and diversion.  If you didn’t, you’ll never know what you missed.  
                        But if you do...Like it or not…its art!